电磁干扰 (EMI) 与射频干扰 (RFI) 是电子系统三种主要干扰的其中两种。根据其来源可分为外界和内部两种,每个电子电气设备均可视为干扰源。EMI是在电子设备中产生的不需要的响应;RFI则从属于EMI。

Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) are two of the three major interferences in the electronic system. According to sources, they can be divided into internal interference and external interference. Each electrical and electronic equipment can be regarded as the source of interference. EMI is the unwanted response generated in the electronic device, while RFI belongs to the EMI.

现代的电子产品,功能越来越强大,电子线路也越来越复杂,电磁干扰(EMI)和电磁兼容性问题变成了主要问题, 电磁干扰可使电子系统的性能发生变化、减弱,甚至导致系统完全失灵,由此催生了屏蔽的技术的研究,发展和应用。

For modern electronic products, functions are more and more powerful, and electronic circuits are becoming increasingly complex. Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) and electro-magnetic compatibility becomes a major problem. EMI can change, diminish the performance of the electronic system, or even lead to complete system failure. This gave birth to the research, development and application of shielding technology.


Shielding is using metal barriers to isolate two space regions, in order to control the electric field, magnetic field and electromagnetic waves from one region to another region in terms of induction and radiation. Specifically, a shield is used to surround the component parts, circuit, assembly, cable or interference source of the entire system so as to prevent the outdiffusion of electromagnetic interference. The shield surrounds the receiving circuit, device or system to protect them from the external electromagnetic field. But in today's lightweight electronic systems, plastic components are widely used, so the use of conductive coatings with properties of the housing secondary processing becomes an important means of solving EMI/RFI interference. In recent decades, the conductive coating has been applied in a variety of military and civilian industrial electronics, electrical appliances, aviation, chemicals, printing and the like. Accordingly, the theoretical study of conductive coating has also been developing rapidly, and to promote the application of technology has become more sophisticated and Improvement.

常见的 EMI 来源  |  Common Sources of EMI

汇众电子提供各种具有不同配方的导电性能的材料,这些材料以银,镍或混合金属为基础填料,结合高性能的聚合物,确保了这些材料能够通过IEEE 299-1997标准。通过喷涂,浸涂或刷涂能够在塑胶外壳内壁形成一层均匀的导电,耐磨,附着力强的导电涂层,为电子系统的电磁干扰提供高性价比的解决方案。

Wilkon provides various conductive coatings with different formulations. These coatings use silver, nickel or mixed metal as based fillers, and combine with high-powered polymer to pass the IEEE 299-1997 standard. By spraying, dipping or brushing, a uniform conductive, wear-resistant, strongly adhesive coating can be formed on the inner wall of the plastic housing, providing cost-effective solutions to EMI in electronic systems.

EMI/RFI Shielding Related Products电磁屏蔽相关产品


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